jeffsoesbe (jeffsoesbe) wrote,

Fun at the California State Fair

The family went to the California State Fair on Sunday and had a fun time.

Highlights included: the Elvis-worthy deep fried peanut butter and banana sandwich; A on the spinning chairs ride; E and her friend Tay hitting all the meeting time requirements we set for them; the champion Hasbro yo-yo demonstration team; the Fish Experience (tubs full of sturgeon, tadpoles, and crawfish that you could touch. Crawfish are cool to hold); A being the helper in the crazy science show (why didn't I have the camera?); and the frisbee dog show.

Best moment and quote: On the way out we stopped by the Golden Bear sculpture at the entrance. A promptly climbed right up so we decided to do a "family on the sculpture" picture. C and E were having trouble getting on the bear and C said (in mock exasperation) "how do you get up on this bear?"

A's answer: "It's just like getting up on a regular bear."

Much hilarity ensued.
Tags: family, funny, life

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