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F&SF March 2007

A bit of a disappointment for me. While the stories were all set in interesting worlds with solid characterization and complete plots, each one felt a bit "shallow" to me. At the end, I'd think the story was nice and fun and well-told but nothing more.

Probably my favorite was the conclusion of the two-part "The Helper and His Hero" by Matthew Hughes. Guth Bandar is an likeable character, the setting of the exploration of the collective unconscious is very intriguing, and the story was complete in terms of plot and story arc.

But, in the end, I felt it was an adventure story - Guth Bandar hit some troubles, had some setbacks, but in the end the reader knew he was going to survive and the only question was how was he going to get out of the situation. I'm also not so sure how much Guth Bandar grew or changed as character a result of this story. I get the sense that this was "a good story", but was it anything more?

Mind you, as stories (in the technical sense) they are still better than stories I can write. But I'd like to think that what I might lack in technical ability I can bring in heart or connection. Of course, I could be completely deluding myself.
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