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writing summary: August 2007, Sept 2007 plans

August 2007

All in all, an interesting month. I did finish "Alien Across the Hall" and submitted it to SacSpecFic for comments. Overall, the comments were positive though all three people had trouble with the creepy aspects of the main character's curiousity and they're right.

After that, it was much "revise and send out":
- "Hunters" to Ken Scholes, who very kindly offered to read and comment;
- "Apologies All Around" to Analog;
- "Game of Chase" to Bruce Taylor, who also offered to read and comment;
- "Padre" to Critters

Finally I started in on "Very Difficult Diwali of Inspector Thirumala Naidu", which completely pushed its way to the top of the brain queue. I think because it's fun and different.

September 2007

We're already well into this month, so I'll say it started with finishing the first draft of "Diwali" and sending it to SacSpecFic for the next meeting. After that, I did some revising of Samsara and sent it off to Orycon for the workshop (con is Nov 16-18).

For the rest of the month, it's "revise and send" or just "revise":
- "This Moment" gets a revision before going to Asimovs,
- "Walls of Stars" gets a revision, then a plea to Mary Rosenblum to read and comment,
- Several stories will be on the "revise before VP pile": "Fishing Trip", "Old Town", "Diwali", "Brand Loyalty", "Witness", "Fly Boy".
- Some story needs to go to Critters; right now I'm thinking "Fly Boy"
- Some story needs to go to WOTF by Sept 28; right now I'm thinking "Apologies" (if it comes back from Analog in time) or "Walls of Stars"
- Brain queue for future writing: "One Night with the Picture Lady", "Real Enuf 4 U", "Real Space", "Second Alien Battle of Mackey's Bar", "Now and Then". None, one or more of these could happen before or at Viable Paradise.
- Sept 29, it's off to Viable Paradise! Woo Hoo!

Go, Go, Gadget Box!
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