jeffsoesbe (jeffsoesbe) wrote,

off to LA for WIRED NextFest

I'm hanging out in Sacramento Interplanetary Terminal, waiting for the Southwest flight to LA (Burbank).

It's always fun to watch people get all anal about where they are in the lines to get on the plane (like, "by golly I'll sit in the sun for an hour so I can be second in the A line").

That, and all the extreme body contortions and altered walking styles people use to stay upright while wearing very high heels. Scary.

We'll see how the sickness holds up. I went to Kaiser last Friday and got the mega-drugs (antibiotics, super-decongestant, super-mucinex, and steroids), so I finally feel like I'm on the downslope of this vicious bug. Everything is lessened, but still there, so the congestion could be a problem on the way down. As a last resort, I have the Afrin.
Tags: health, travel, wired nextfest

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