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random links

An article on "beeping", including the unwritten social rules of the "i call you, hang up, you see the number and call me back" phenomenon.

Cool pictures of lightning, from HowStuffWorks.

NPR article on a new initiative by the The One Laptop Per Child project, to get people to buy two laptops and give one to a child in a developing country. Very tempting.

DARPA is running a Droid-Dog Derby (from GMSV).

China's plans to track citizens (from Robotic Nation). I really need to get my stories out there before all my ideas happen.

You Convert It, an online site for converting documents, files, images. I tried it out. Very slick, very useful.

Ten Hand Gestures You'd Better Get Right.

Chimp plays Pac-Man. Heck, I can do better than that and I'm an ape. I don't celebrate as well, though.
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