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TV Comment: HEROES S2e01 "Four Months Later..."

Hey, HEROES is back!

It was fun to watch HEROES again, but I have to say: Could we have a few more plotlines, please? Cause I don't think there were enough plotlines in this episode.

What's that you say? Next episode, we get a few more plotlines? Well, that's okay then...

OK, let's see:

Mohinder is traveling the world, making presentations on heroes to sparse and disinterested audiences. A famous character actor (who, by the way, can turn things into gold) convinces him to come work for some secret organization, perhaps the same organization that HRG used to call employer.

Speaking of HRG, he and Claire are living in a stock California coastal town. He works for a big-box (paper) store, where he spends his time twisting his manager's finger and talking to Mohinder on the phone. The dinner table conversation was truly surreal.

Claire is having trouble being a good quiet little high school student. She gets in a tiff with the cheerleaders, breaks her leg (for just a little while) trying a stunt on a high scaffolding that apparently was left just sitting around in the gym. (Excuse me, but California is all about liability lawsuits). She meets a teen rebel (think Christian Slater in "Heathers", but not) who, it turns out, is a creepy stalker. Oh yeah, and he can fly.

Matt, whose pregnant wife has disappeared (maybe she got a role on another show?), is raising Molly Parker. Molly is having nightmares about a creepy face (the new "big bad" Molly mentioned last season) and the double helix. The school social worker probably thinks Matt is abusing her (Matt never catches a break). One night, Matt tries to read Molly's mind during a nightmare. Creepy guy says "I can see you". Creepy.

Hiro has found Kensei, but it turns out Kensei is an English guy and not the brave hero of legend. Hiro talks to Kensei about this a lot, and then meets a swordmaker's daughter who is enchanting.

Two new heroes, Maya and Alejando, run through Central America. They catch a ride in a transport truck, get separated and everyone else in the truck (except for Maya) dies. Apparently, Maya is the disease and Alejandro is the cure. And they're coming to America. Great.

Nathan has a big fake beard and is drinking a lot. Claire calls him and he hangs up. Mama Petrelli comes by to say hi and he tells her to leave. Nathan is seeing burned people in the mirror. Nathan is not very happy. Maybe he should shave. Shaving off a big, itchy beard can often help you feel better.

Mama Petrelli and Hiro's dad (Kaito) both get pictures of themselves with the double helix scrawled on it. The pictures were torn from a single large picture. They take it to mean that someone is going to get them. Kaito sends Ando to get a weapon; while Ando is gone someone in a hooded sweatshirt pushes Kaito off a building. Kaito is apparently dead (how can you kill off George Takei?!?). I think someone read WATCHMEN over the summer.

Finally, Peter is in a box in Ireland and doesn't know who he is. But he has a cool new zappy power.

Overall, the episode moved fast. Once again, we trot out the "someone is killing off the heroes" plotline only this time it's the older heroes (the twelve originals). Except that many of the originals who are already dead (Charles Deveaux, Linderman, Dada Petrelli) weren't killed by a "hero killer", at least as far as we know.

And, as always, there really isn't much "heroing" done by our heroes. It's mostly angst, and worry, and interpersonal drama. Could someone maybe, you know, pull a cat out of a tree, help an old guy across the street, unclog a storm drain, something like that? Just once in a while? I think this is one of the reasons Hiro is so appealing - he's actualy trying to do some good.

But I'm hooked on the show and I'll keep watching it.

Next week, Jessica/Niki, a new hero, and Sylar. See, told ya he wasn't dead. This is a comic book, after all.

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