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Viable Paradise: I have arrived!

I'm here. I made it. I made it with absolutely no problems, knock on monitor. All the flights went fine, the transfers went fine, even the rental car went fine. The flight from Boston to MVY was absolutely splended, we flew in a little Cessna that was mostly windows so we had a great view the whole flight over Eastern Mass, Cape Cod and the Vineyard as the sun set in the west.

I found my rental car, found the grocery store, found the Island Inn and found everyone else. Spent a few hours socializing and drinking beers. Now the day, the week and in fact the last month is catching up with me and I'm just about ready to crash and get a full night's sleep for what might be the last time this week.

Tomorrow promises to be a exciting day, full of meeting people and seeing the Vineyard in the daytime and running errands and the first formal VP session and homework! (I'll have a group critique session on Monday so I will need to prepare).

On the flight I gathered much interesting information and started thinking about "Real Enuf 4 U", so I'll type in the first part of that and then hit the hay.
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