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Viable Paradise, Day 0 (Sunday), Part 1: Be Useful and Get Ready

Summary: VPXI Day 0 begins with fitness and getting ready for the big week.

- sleep, up, run, eat
- be useful to VP via printer and grocery store
- learn my schedule for the week
- bbq soon

So, I had a good night's sleep (8 whole hours, plus) got up, went for a run, came back and did situps and stretching, and ate some breakfast. After 10 hours spent flying in tiny cramped airplanes, a nice run and stretch felt sooooooooo good.

After that, I set about to make myself useful for the workshop. I set up the HP LaserJet P2015 that I donated to the workshop and got it working with one of the staff's laptop. Cory Doctorow came in needing a bunch of documents printed, so I went ahead and managed the printing of the documents including clearing up some confusion about what did and didn't have or need his comments and checking that information (the anal-retentive side of my brain had a field day with this task).

I also helped make a couple grocery and hardware store runs with various folks attending. Another way to be useful and the reason I got a car for the week! I also said hi to Elizabeth Bear, who I had emailed with and never met, and met most if not all of the other instructors (except for Laura Mixon, I think).

In a little bit we'll be starting up the first formal event, the barbeque, and we'll have lots of socializing.

I found out my instructors and sessions for the week, as follows.

Monday: I contribute to critique for two attendees, and have my 1on1 with Elizabeth Bear. That should be fun!

Tuesday: I contribute to two more critiques and have a 1on1 with Debra Doyle. Another fun one!

Wednesday: It's my turn in the hot seat as I am the subject of a critique session, as well as contributing.

Thursday: One last critique session.

So the beginning of the week will be busy for me, then the activity will die off towards the end. This also means two critiques need to be done tonight (Sunday) after the barbeque. Better not drink too much beer.

Off to the barbeque!

UPDATE: added the summary, put the scandalous details behind the cut for f-list brevity.
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