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getting back up to speed; Analog said "no" on Apologies

Well, I'm slowly getting back up to speed on the real world after the return from Viable Paradise. I'll be posting extensively on VPXI over the next couple days once I get my notes straightened out, I might even backdate the posts so they fall into the logical scheme of things. There's nothing like ret-conning one's own history.

While I was away, I got a reply from Analog on "Apologies All Around". Alas, it was a "no". Specifically, it was a note from Stanley Schmidt saying "I'm sorry APOLOGIES didn't strike me quite strongly enough to use, but thanks very much for letting me see it."

Darn. I (and others) really thought "Apologies" had a chance at Analog. Oh well. Be bummed today, send it back out tomorrow. I could try to practice "The Ancient Art of Reject-omancy" (as Patrick Nielsen Hayden described it at VPXI) on the letter, but I'm just not going to go there.

OK, back to the cleaning up and revving up and getting ready to re-join cold, hard reality.
Tags: analog, apologies all around, life, viable paradise

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