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Viable Paradise, Day 0 (Sunday), Part 2: Night Falls

Summary: Food, drink, Mafia, Thing, critiques. Let's just kick back, have some fun, and get ready for the REAL VP starting tomorrow.

- eat some food
- drink some drink
- play Mafia and Thing
- do critiques for Monday
- eventually, sleep

At the BBQ I had some good food and met many of my fellow VP-mates as well as our prestigious stable of instructors (Elizabeth Bear, Cory Doctorow, Debra Doyle, Steven Gould, James McDonald, Laura Mixon, Teresa Nielsen Hayden, Patrick Nielsen Hayden). I also continued interacting with the marvelous staff (Kate, Suzanne, and Mac), who I had already had many good conversations with earlier in the day.

My roommate, Mark Teppo, and I got a chance to socialize more and continued making friends with the "upstairs gals", Kim, Julia and Dorothy, who were in the second floor suite directly above us.

There was the standard "go around the circle" set of introductions where you gave your name, where you were from, and two sentences on yourself. My two sentences were basically "I write stories I like to read. I'm very excited to be here."

Along with the BBQ was drinking of margaritas and beer, which set us up well for games of Mafia and Thing. Both games involve sitting in a circle and using a process to initially determine which people are Mafia or which person is the Thing. For our groups, we drew cards and certain colors determined your status. Both games then follow cycles of days and nights.

In Mafia, during the day the villagers decide to hang someone. It has to be a majority vote. At night, everyone "goes to sleep" (ducks their head, closes their eyes and drums on their thighs). The Mafia "wake up" (look up and open eyes) and decide who to kill. The Mafia go back to sleep. The village wakes up except for the person who was killed. The games continues until all the Mafia are hung or the Mafia outnumber the villagers. There also is a Constable, who can wake up and ask if any particular person is a Mafia.

I was Mafia along with two other people. We survived the entire game untouched and slowly picked off villagers. More precisely, we let the villagers pick off themselves. The Constable didn't have much of an effect.

After Mafia, it was time for Thing. In Thing, during the day the scientists can (majority) vote to test two people. If a Thing is tested, the Thing dies. If a human is tested, nothing happens. At night, the Things wake up and convert another person.

This game was more interesting, as there seemed to be a lot more interpersonal interaction and strategy (such as asking "Are you a Thing?" and trying to read the answer or, in the second game, being a "Thing-killing Thing"). In both games I was turned into a Thing about halfway through, but I didn't last more than a round or two before being tested. I must have had some massive tell that gave me away pretty quick.

By the time the two games ended, it was very late and people had 2 critiques to do for the next day. I went back and did my critiques (including my standard typing up of my thoughts) and thus didn't get to sleep until very late, like 2 or 3 am. Hopefully, it won't be like this all week.

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