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Analog March 2007

It figures. Last month, I give Analog some guff for having a bunch of "Analog stories" and this month there are some stories that I rather enjoyed.

My favorite of the bunch was "Trucks" by Amy Bechtel. It was a fun and interesting look at a world that is a "flip-reverse" of ours with respect to abilities with numbers and with reading facial expressions. It was rather interesting and well done, the only thing that kept it from being a top-notch story for me was the the major conflict/resolution felt tacked on and too easy. But still, it will be one to consider when the Hugo nominations roll around.

I also liked "Misquoting the Moon" by David Bartell which was a look at the lives and actions of a few people as the doomsday for Earth approaches, in the form of a large meteor. I felt that it stumbled in that it switched viewpoints halfway through the story, something I don't like in a short story. I think the second viewpoint character easily could have carried the whole story and that a stronger story might have resulted.

The first part of the four-part "Queen of Candesce" by Karl Schroeder was intriguing in terms of both world-building and main character. Judgement on the whole series will be suspended until it's complete.
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