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Welcome back, and it's Go! (Set, Ready)

Well, the first day back in the real world was pretty fast-paced. Up at 5:30 AM, get the kids ready, take off at 7, pick up carpool, take A to pre-school care, carpool to school, fit in a quick workout, and be at work by 9.

At work, I jumped right into a three-hour document review for a spec that had to be out by 3pm. Along with that was a minor crisis in the TM system that luckily wasn't in my (newly-inherited) code, but still took some investigation time.

I left work early so I could go tape a School District TV show about Math Contests (that's me on the schedule for October 8). It went well. I talked a mile a minute and we actually covered all the slides.

I took advantage of the leftover time to sit in a coffee shop for an hour and whip out a 1500-word first version of "Now and Then (or, Samoset and the Crow)". It's an idea I've had buzzing about my head for a while, so I used it to work on the homework assignment Elizabeth Bear gave me during the 1on1 at VPXI ("physical sense of place" using a beach near the Island Inn). It turned out clunky but fun.

Tonight I'll get through a couple more days of VPXI notes and blogging while watching "Heroes", and do some critiques for Critters and SacSpec.

Welcome back, yeff! The world has a lot of stuff to keep you busy.
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