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Viable Paradise, Day 3, Part 2 (Wednesday Afternoon/Night): Lunch in the Great Outdoors and More

Summary: After delicious deep-fried goodness, the biggest lobster EVAH, and an island tour, we return for interactive storytelling, lots of cursing, homework and a story from the Bear.

We had lunch at the Bite, a small shack in Menemsha on the western side of the island. It was, literally, a small shack. You ordered through the screen door on the front porch, they gave you your food through a window, and you sat on picnic tables scattered about the parking lot. It was very good food. I had fish and chips, which were tasty, chowder, which was delicious, and tried other people's food. The fried scallops were excellent. Julia ate a gallon of chowder and barfed it all back into the sea. No, really, she did.

While there, I wandered down towards the beach to use the bathroom and got to see "Lobsterzilla", the biggest lobster I have ever seen in my life. It dwarfed all other lobsters that dared to share the tank with it. The woman at the store said it was probably eighty years old.

I drove and Mark, Julia, Kim and Dorothy came along in the car. We went over on the North side then came back on the South side and thus managed to circumnavigate the entire island. It was a nice, picturesque trip with lots of sights to see (fields, cemeteries, stone walls).

Before dinner, Laura Mixon presented on StoryTron, an interactive storytelling program she has been contributing to for a while. It was interesting and a different way to tell story, where you create characters and then interact with them. It wasn't quite my 15-year-old "dream concept" (which I call MyShow), but I could see it being a step in that direction.

After dinner, people hung out in the common room for a while. Julia was taking a survey on various curse words and expressions for her story and that spawned the singing of various bawdy songs by both Jim and Elizabeth. Eventually, I realized I needed to finish my critiques and writing and headed back up.

I did my critique of Dorothy's story before 9:00 PM, which enabled me to watch "Bionic Woman" with a clear conscience. Several people came by to watch. "Bionic Woman" was suitably corny, still overdone, yet fun to watch and pick on.

After that, I started in on my homework story. Mark said that he was hanging out with "the upstairs gals" (Kim, Julia and Dorothy) working on homework so I went upstairs as well. We read from our stories and helped each other with plot or characters or titles. I got through most of my story except for the two middle scenes where the core of the romance occurs (elevator pitch for my story: "Against the backdrop of the East-West battle for the moon, Dick Cheney and Kim Jong-Il fall in love.").

Bear came by to cheer up the students with a story in the basement, but that's a separate post (notes done live at the time).

Finally about 2:30 AM we'd all had enough and decided it was time to sleep. Everyone headed back to their room and we called it a fun, productive night.

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