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Viable Paradise, Day 3, Part 3 (Wednesday, Late Night): Mister Earbrass, Out Loud

Several of the students are downstairs in the basement of the Island Inn. Elizabeth Bear is reading to us from Mister Earbrass, an Edward Gorey story which neatly summarizes the life of the writer. Note that Gorey switches tense regularly and it works.

Quote: "The unspeakable horror of the literary life."
Quote: "He is a person to whom things do not happen. Perhaps they may, when he is on the other side."

I have had two beers, a couple glasses of wine, and am working hard on a 5000 word story that is due tomorrow. The one line summary of the story: Against the backdrop of an East-West war over the moon, Dick Cheney and Kim-Jong Il fall in love. I might not finish by tomorrow, but I'm giving it the old college try.
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