jeffsoesbe (jeffsoesbe) wrote,

Look kids, our friend Congestion is back!


I thought I was over the vicious cold-like thing that made my September miserable and ended up with me taking antibiotics, super-decongestant and steroids.

But I felt tinges of congestion while at VP and the last couple days it's been coming on stronger. Argh. And I have my 20th college reunion coming up this weekend, with good pal Bert flying in so we can drive down together. I'll just have to shove through.

In other news, weightlifting has been tough the last couple days. I think I increased weight too much in the last month. My left shoulder is still hurting. Trainer John said "it could be time to back off on a few exercises" and he's right.

SacSpec meeting tonight, then pick up the house, then attempt to do some more VP-related blog entries. Then some sleep before starting over tomorrow.

Viable Paradise. Now it seems like it was just a dream, a faint memory of a distant land. If I didn't have all these new LJ friends and IM friends and discussion lists I'd be doubting that it even happened.

Digital traces of VP people, piles of notes (electronic and paper), and the occasional bouts of "My writing stinks beyond the farthest depths of stinkage throughout history". Those are my reminders of the week spent outside the real (non-VP) world. Congestion, leave them alone. They're mine.
Tags: life, sickness, viable paradise

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