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Viable Paradise, Day 5+1 (Saturday, Morning): Leaving, on a Jet Plane

Summary: Everyone says goodbye, I leave the island while seeing some familiar faces, and get a little extra room on the first flight back home.

After the late night, it was tough to get up at 7:30 am but I needed to make sure I had everything packed (ie, crammed) in the suitcase and ready to go. I had my last breakfast of cereal (again!) and wandered around saying goodbye to my VP-mates, the instructors, and the staffers. People were heading out in waves, going to either the ferry or the airport.

Finally, it was my turn. Julia was also on the plane back to Boston, so I gave her a ride to the airport. I stopped to put some gas in the car (but not a full tank, as the car didn't have a full tank when I picked it up) and a quick drive later we were at the airport.

Until we could board Julia and I stood around and talked about our work and families while also yawning a lot. Eventually, it was time to board the plane.

Funny enough, I recognized one of the families on the small flight from MVY to Boston. It was a very cute three year old named Amelie and her parents. We were on the same flight to the island the previous week. The interesting aspect is this: Amelie does not like to get on the plane. She does not like it at all. Both times, she had a major, well, tantrum in terms of getting on the plane and getting her seatbelt fastened. Once we were moving she was fine, but until then she was not happy. Having been through several difficult flights with my daughters, I really felt for Amelie's parents.

But we got to Logan Airport just fine. There, I realized I had to go to a different set of gates to get to my flight and this was going to entail actually having to go through security again. Since the last trip through Logan security while going to MVY was a big mess (a long line with only one metal detector open and a continual stream of delays due to bags having to go through multiple times), I decided to head off. So I said goodbye to Julia and made my way to my gate.

Once I was (finally) through security, I ran into Rachel and Heather waiting for their flight back to San Francisco. We hung out and chatted for a bit, all of us feeling like zombies, and then it was time for me to get on the plane. I had decided the day before to pay the extra $44 for United's Economy Plus (another reason why United just feels cheap and evil), but I must say I realized it had been worth it before we were even off the ground. I could actually stretch out my legs and I didn't feel like I was crammed into the seat in front of me.

On the way from Boston to Denver, I napped, read, and did some puzzles in GAMES Magazine. The flight arrived in Denver and I had some time to spend waiting, so I grabbed lunch and did some blogging (the next entry).

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