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Viable Paradise blogging is complete! (and here's an index)

Well, I've finished my Viable Paradise blogging. It turned out to be a little more extensive than initially planned.

The whole thing is tagged so it can be read (in reverse order) here. This also includes pre-VP blogs about application and acceptance and travel setup problems.

For links specific to the workshop itself, here's a handy-dandy index.

Sat Sept 29: It begins and I have arrived!

Sun Sept 30 (Day 0): Be Useful and Night Falls

Mon Oct 1 (Day 1): Hit the Ground Running

Tues Oct 2 (Day 2): Time Slows Down

Wed Oct 3 (Day 3): Face the Music, Lunch, and Mister Earbrass

Thurs Oct 4 (Day 4): Enter Everyone

Fri Oct 5 (Day 5): The Big Goodbye

Sat Oct 6 (Post): Leaving and Almost Home

Later: One Week Later
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