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recent media acquisitions (and two short sentences on each)


Stories - Doris Lessing. The Nobel Prize winner. This should be excellent, and will go straight in to the top end of the "short stories to learn from" book queue.

Logical Chess: Move by Move - Irving Chernev. As referenced at VPXI. I'm not a big chess person, but I plan to learn about more than just chess.

Magic and Showmanship - Henning Nelms. As referenced at VPXI. It's not just about magic, but about tools used when telling a story and doing a trick.

Amphigorey - Edward Gorey. Contains "Mister Earbrass". All writers swear by it as the perfect tale of the literary life.


Magic - Bruce Springsteen. C and I are seeing him October 26. It's different than the Bruce I remember, but there's some good stuff in there.

White Chalk - PJ Harvey. I have always liked PJ Harvey. This album is slower and softer than others, but still enjoyable.

No Need To Argue - The Cranberries. The first Cranberries album is marvelous. I haven't yet listened to this so I don't know if it stacks up.

Haunted - Poe. Slow, thoughtful, and deep. Great writing music.

() - Sigur Ros. Space age new wave ambient rock. Again, great for writing, especially for haunted emotional ghost-type stories.

Armchair Apocrypha - Andrew Bird. Found this after seeing a reference on someone else's blog (Bear's?). Weird, wild, random, and touching.

Star Trek: The Complete Animated Series. Star Trek with an unlimited special effects budget. This will get E and A permanently hooked on Star Trek.
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