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Yeff's Advice for College

While in Texas, we visited a friend of my mom's whose daughter is getting ready to head off to college. Mom was also making the daughter's prom dress.

Talking with her got me to thinking about what advice I would give my daughters before going off to college. Here tis.

Be self-sufficient. Make sure you can take care of yourself. Don't end up being dependent on boys. You should be able to fix things, solve problems, and do basic car service, diagnosis and repair.

Keep your wits about you.

Experience many different cultures and meet people from all over the world. Ask questions, be curious in an enthusiastic way.

Find something you love to do, and something you can do to make a decent living that you don't hate. If they're the same thing, that's great; if not then you have a hobby and a job.

Take a drama class. Take a couple drama classes. Volunteer to work on a play. Why? You'll get comfortable speaking in front of a group. You'll learn to read body language. You'll learn how to work with people and put on a show.

Be honest and fair. Be considerate. Be a good person. Be all the modern interpretations of Buddhist ideals.

Have fun. Do activities that you enjoy. College is just about the last time you will have large, unfettered blocks of free time. Make the most of them.
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