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TV Comment: HEROES, Season 2 through Episode 5 [SPOILERS]

Summary: I'm a little bothered by HEROES so far this season, but is sticking it out in hopes for the best.

I have to admit that last season's end of HEROES was a disappointment, for multiple reasons that I'm not going to go into here but did go into here.

That disappointment carried into the new season. Oh look, there's someone killing all the heroes again. Gosh, people seem to continually make dumb, non-logical decisions. Hey, everyone is standing around moping instead of trying to actually be, gee, heroes! The plot turns are straight out of Soap Opera Plotlines 101 (amnesia, hiding out, daddy villian, etc).

And yet I stick around. I still like the basic concept of the show. I like many of the characters. I definitely like the potential. I just think that the execution and the dialogue often leave much to be desired.

Last night's episode was fun. I like the "muscle mimic" power. I like Veronica Mars (I mean, Kristen Bell) as the new electric hero. I enjoy the interplay of Matt and Mohinder. I thought Matt's dad's power and quick turn to evil was nice (though I could see the turn coming a mile away).

But the plot turns felt forced. Mohinder gets a taser right before Jessica breaks out - how convenient. The dialogue felt wooden - Peter and Irish gal just sound so ... first draft.

I have to remember that this show is a comic book soap opera. People will often act in cliched ways. The plot turns will be blatant. Characters will not take the logical follow-up action or question.

I just have to enjoy the show for what it is, which is a fun comic-book romp through the world of (mopey) superpowered beings. I shouldn't worry about what the show could be.

I'm trying hard. Really I am.

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