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TV Comment: Bionic Woman vs Shows I think are good

I want to like "Bionic Woman". I really do. I was a big bionic people fan back when I was a kid. I think the concept has a lot of potential. But I just don't think "Bionic Woman" is working. It's overdone. It feels like everything is so cooked down so it ends up being done in cliches and stilted dialogue. The scripts make the easy decisions, no matter how illogical they might be.

In tonight's episode, Jamie goes back to college to uncover some sort of international conspiracy about a chip. And, of course, she pretends to be a transfer student from Britain so that Michelle Ryan (the actress portraying Jamie) can speak in her real accent. Never mind that there's no reason to believe the character Jamie Summers can speak in a presentable British accent. That's just one example.

Janie's new relationship with the CIA guy might help, but the comic aspect of the relationship works against what has been a very dark tone to the show so far. Perhaps they'll start changing the balance. We'll see.

So what show do I think are good? I'm having fun watching "Reaper". It's silly, it doesn't take itself too seriously and Ray Wise does a great job as the Devil. That's Tuesday night at 9:00 pm.

Thursday night is my favorite TV night with "My Name is Earl", "30 Rock", "The Office", and, coming back this week, "Scrubs". All non-standard sitcoms with very non-standard senses of humor. All are great and have laugh-out-loud funny moments. It's my favorite night of TV shows.
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