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weekend roundup

Summary: Springsteen rocks (but not as much as he used to); everyone plays soccer; "Rabbit Hole" at B Street; golf; I push paper around;

Friday C and I headed down to Oakland to see Bruuuuuuuce at the Oakland (Oracle) Arena. We stopped off in Berkeley for a tasty dinner at Spenger's Fish Grotto. Good fish and a nice wine kicked off the evening and made the short, traffic-filled drive to Oakland more relaxing.

Bruce was excellent, a great concert overall. But it wasn't the three-hour show that we all remember coming from the younger Bruce. The show was a little over 2 hours (main set, one encore set) and then it was "lights on, everyone go home" in the Arena. C and I were bummed he didn't play "Rosarita (Come Out Tonight)" or "Thunder Road". But we did get songs from the new album, a collection for of hits, and of course "Born to Run". And, as always, the show was high energy and high power and a great time. The man knows how to give fantastic concert.

We stayed in a hotel near the Arena Friday night, so Saturday morning we slept in then got up and drove back. We missed E's game, which they won 4-1 (and E had two assists), but caught A's game which was a 1-2 loss. It was a good game, those under-8s were working hard.

Later in the afternoon I played in the Neighborhood Dad Soccer Game, which is turning out to be more of a Dad/Kid soccer game. All the mid-teen sons came along so all the old guys had to run extra hard. I played just the first half due to family plans but that was enough as I'm sore now and will be more sore tomorrow. Where did that resilience of youth go?

After family dinner at Steve's Pizza, E got ready for a Halloween party, the babysitter came to stay with A, and C and I went to B Street Theatre to see "Rabbit Hole". We were looking forward to it, as it was also performed at Ashland but we missed it.

It was a pretty good play and a well-done production. Both leads, Elizabeth Nunziato and Kurt Johnson, did fine jobs with what it certainly a very difficult and wrenching play. The rest of the cast (the mom, the sister and the teenager) were also very strong. Overall it was a really good show and one we would definitely recommend, though be forewarned it is a emotional and a tough play dealing with a family's reaction to the loss of their child in a traffic accident.

Today I got up early to go golf at Campus Commons again with Ross and his son. I had good play off the tee and fairway but terrible putting so I ended up at 42 for nine holes (par 29). Still, I ever only expect double-bogey golf so it went well.

The rest of the day was pushing papers around as I got the office rats-nest into shape and started getting the financial house back in order. This task is going to take time over the whole week but hopefully I'll be in much better shape by the beginning of November.

Not much writing recently, but the plan is to get back on the 20_minutes/500_words a day schedule. The two tasks ahead of me are a rewrite of "Crow and Samoset" to send to Elizabeth Bear as my VPXI homework, and finishing/rewriting "Real Enuf 4 U" to send to SacSpec for the Monday, November 11 meeting. It's time to write again.

And that's the full weekend in review!

UPDATE: Springsteen show lists for Oakland available here (a very nice site, btw). We went to the show on October 26.

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