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Halloween Costumes (past, present, future) and an Open Question

Summary: A short digression on my Halloween Costumes this year, my favorites from the past, and my wish list for the future.

Costumes named: Speed Racer, Spider-Man, Festrunk Brothers, Punk Ballerina, Jane Stanford, Frankenstein, Puzzle/Jigsaw Man, Punk Rocker, Racer X, Green Lantern, Conan the Barbarian, Ernie, big robot.

This year, I'm going simple because time has been at a premium.

Work will be the store-bought Speed Racer costume. Simple, yet effective. I should find a stuffed monkey and put a beanie on it for added Chim-Chim.

Home will be the store-bought SpiderMan costume. Since the Spider-Man costume is skin-tight, it requires some sort of outer cover to avoid being arrested for indecent exposure. I'll wear some shorts and perhaps a t-shirt or tank top and be Spider-Man Hanging Out at Home. (Last year, at work, I was Spider-Man On Vacation. Beach shorts, hawaiian shirt, camera, hat. "Ummm, I'm kind of on vacation. Think maybe you could call Green Arrow, or someone like that?")

The Past
Favorite costumes from the past:

The Festrunk Brothers from SNL (how do they not have a Wikipedia page?). In high school, my best friend Harold and I hit the thrift shops, found the right clothes and gold necklaces, got the accents down cold, and went as Yortuk and Georg Festrunk (ie, the Czech Brothers, ie "Two wild and crazy guys!"). We were a huge hit. Even now, I think this would still be a great costume.

Punk Ballerina. Tutu, tights, tanktop, ballet flats, fake tattoos, spiked hair, fake safety pins. I wore this to an Exotic Erotic party in college. It was a fun costume and a crazy party.

Jane Stanford. Full drag, with long cocktail dress, fake bosoms, high heeled shoes, big white hair, makeup. I wore this to the Stanford Mausoleum party in college. When people asked who I was, I said "I'm Jane Stanford, and you're dancing on my grave!". It kind of worked.

Frankenstein. C and I went to a neighborhood Halloween party as Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein. Black shirt over bulky sweater, big shoes, fake bolts in the neck, fake hair. C did her hair all up in the shock style and put a big white stripe in it. This was a pretty big success, i think we were second or third in the costume contest.

Puzzle/Jigsaw Man. Long black turtleneck shirt, pants, socks and shoes. On uncovered skin, I took either magic marker or mascara pen and drew jigsaw puzzle pieces (like this). It was a lot of work but it looked awesome and was even a little mentally disruptive. People would look, then notice, then say "woah, that's .... wild."

Punk Rocker. Torn jeans, torn shirt, safety pins everywhere, chains, boots, fake tattoos, spiked colored hair. Another fun costume. As I would say, "The best costume is the one you have just hanging in your closet."

The Future
Costumes I'd like to wear one Halloween:
- Racer X. I have Speed, so how about his brother? I'd also need the car.
- Green Lantern. I've just always liked Green Lantern. Where does one get the lantern?
- Conan the Barbarian. With some more weightlifting, I might be able to pull this off.
- Ernie (the muppet). I can do the voice, so I'm almost there.
- Some sort of big robot. Just because it's fun to be a big robot.

What about you? What are you this year? What are your favorite costumes you've ever worn? In your Halloween heart of hearts, who do you want to be? Tell all in comments...

UPDATE: Added list of costumes above cut and also Puzzle Man (which I had briefly forgotten)
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