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Halloween summary

Speed Racer at work went well, except that many people didn't recognize the character. Deprived childhoods, apparently.

At the doctor's office, he decided I had a chronic sinus infection. I now have a month's worth of antibiotics and more super-decongestant. This time for sure.

We did a quick house Halloween decoration, using the stock set of props. It turned out fun. I'll toss up some pictures soon.

Answering the door as Spider-Man was great. I ended up wearing shorts and a robe over the costume. We had 117 trick-or-treaters total, and many were really thrilled to have Spider-Man handing out candy.

Best quotes:

(two teens) "Hey, Spider-Man is wearing a robe!"
"Yeah, Spider-Man is relaxin'."

(a young kid, probably about 5) "I didn't know Spider-Man lived here."

About 450-500 pieces of candy went out the door. I had seven mini peanut butter cups. It was a good Halloween.
Tags: funny, halloween

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