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[links] robot parade, robot parade, wave the flags that the robots made

An all-robot festival of links:

- Mars Rovers Just Keep On Going (Discovery News). Are these some of the greatest things NASA has made, or what?

- Robots in Politics (from Salon). Robots, maybe human, maybe machines, maybe both, are politickin' for Ron Paul.

- DARPA Urban Challenge for robot cars, latest news (WIRED). Stanford won in the desert, can they win in the city too? (Videos at Technovelgy).

- Nissan's Pivo car monitors your mood (NPR, audio available). Sir, this is your robot, please get out of the car.

- "Peacebots" protest BattleBot event (Technovelgy). So *that's* how you meet cool gals who like robots - peace rallies!

And an extra:

- A documentary on furries (BoingBoing). OK, it's not robots but it's ... well ... something else.
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