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TV Comment: What's wrong with HEROES (in my opinion)

Summary: Why I think HEROES isn't as enjoyable this year as it was last year.

So C walked in at the tail end of HEROES Monday night. It was the scene where Peter and the Irish gal (let's call her Colleen) have apparently traveled through time and are standing in a deserted New York City. C said, "Oh, is this the future where the bomb blows up?"

I said "No, that was last season's scary future. This is this season's scary future." And it hit me. This is the problem with HEROES this season. They are repeating too many things from last season. There is a scary future, which obviously isn't going to happen because the heroes will somehow prevent it. There is a bad guy who is killing all the heroes, except this time it's the old generation of heroes. Sylar is still around and taking powers (or at least, trying to). Characters are still doing dumb things and not taking any logical actions. Etc, etc, etc. Things from last season are happening again this season.

Last season, HEROES was new and fresh and different and I was willing to forgive some of the flaws because I was really thrilled about the show itself. But this year it's like they are repeating the first season all over again, only with some details slightly changed.

The characters grouse around and mope around and don't do anything heroic. They can never make logical connections about what's happening. They take one action and then do something contradictory a few scenes later. There are too many things that I have to keep track of as a viewer. There are too many silly things that I have to "buy into" (as Jane Espenson describes here) that don't really make sense and it's too many "buys".

It's like the stories and characters take the directions they take not because it has anything to do with the characters, but because the writers want these things to happen. In general, the episodes just feel like they reek of authorial manipulation and intrusion.

One simple example: Bob sternly and seriously tells Mohinder "you have to give Monica this shot". Mohinder agonizes about it and eventually decides not to do it. When he tells Bob, Bob says "oh, that's okay, I'm glad you have a conscience." Huh?

One more: Sylar tells Alejandro "I will kill you". Even with Sylar having a smile on his face, I would think that anyone from a Central American country will probably understand enough English to get "Kill You". Really now.

Yet One More: Mohinder says to Bob "you can't stick her with that serum, what if the virus mutates and gets out into the general population". Could you hit me (the viewer) over the head a little harder please?

But I will stick with the show. Every once in an episode, something happens that is really cool and neat and different. Example: The power that Matt's dad (Nightmare Man) has and how he got both Nathan and Matt to be freaking out and fight each other, and then Matt figured out how to stop Nathan (thus signifying that Matt's power took a step up in ability). Nice. But, why did Matt's dad have to be un-handcuffed before he could give them nightmares?

It's like playing golf. Once or twice each round, you get that great shot that goes wonderfully and it keeps you coming back for more.

This plotline (the first half of the season) is supposed to wrap up in a few more episodes. I think we can already guess who the "old hero killer" is (can anyone say Kensei, but in the modern day?). Maya and Alejandro will end up in New York and either be the cause of the supposed virus or be cured by the vaccine. What else? I don't know. I'm not thinking about it that hard.

And Heroes:Origins supposedly is on hiatus. Darn. I was looking forward to some standalone hero stories that could be different in tone from the series (and hopefully, from the graphic novels). Bummer.

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