jeffsoesbe (jeffsoesbe) wrote,

[links] if I could talk to the animals

Five links on the interesting things our animal friends are up to:

- Dog Saves Family From Fire Blamed on Cat. I say the cat was framed!

- Male Orangutan In English Zoo Has A Thing For Tattooed Blonde Human Females. The only solution would seem to be either a blonde wig for the lady orangutans, or a subscription to Suicide Girls for the ape.

- Aussies put moths on menu to solve seasonal invasion (from I expect to see this on menus at fancy restaurants within a year or two.

- Pregnant Teens Common Among Dinosaurs (from Discovery News). Apparently, neither "Just Say No" nor dinosaur prophylactics existed in the Cretaceous.

- Mighty Mice Now With PEPCK-Cmus! (from technovelgy). Mice running 5K in 6 hours, with gratuitous picture of Khan (from ST:TWOK) to represent eugenics.
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