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TV Comment: HEROES "Out of Time" (Nov 5) SPOILERS

Instead of typing up what I think isn't working on HEROES, I will instead point to the Salon AV Club review of this latest episode. What they said.

The interview with Sendhil Ramamurthy was interesting. Random Brush with Fame note: Sendhil and I both went to Keystone School in San Antonio, Texas (I was there way before him). My mom taught him in grade school.

Things I actually liked in this episode:
- The dystopian disease-ravaged state-controlled future. Those are always fun to watch.
- Kensei aka Adam Monroe showing up in the present. It was no surprise, but still fun.
- Mama Petrelli finally has a power! Some sort of projecting telepath kind of thing, as evidenced by the "telepath sound effect" heard right before Peter remembered Mama.

Next week, we get a recap of what happened in those four months. Will any of it be an actual surprise? I don't think so.
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