jeffsoesbe (jeffsoesbe) wrote,

a time non-managment logic problem

Yeff has the following on his Immediate ToDo List:

- Do some revision on his story "Real Enuf 4 U" for SacSpecFic by Fri Nov 9
- Get his Critters critique percentage up to 75% before his story comes up on Tues, Nov 13 (this means, essentially 4 critiques by then)
- Critique stories for SacSpecFic critique group by the Monday, Nov 12
- Catch up on his DLL programming for work, including finishing the test app, because the delivery deadline is Mon, Nov 26 and he's behind in the schedule
- Revise "Crow and Samoset" (his VP homework) and send it to Bear
- Continue working on "Real Space" because he wants to read part of it at Orycon Open Reading and Critique next week
- Pick a story for the Norwescon Writers Workshop (due Nov 28) and get it revised
- Get bills paid

Should Yeff:

A) Diligently manage his time, carve away at tasks bit by bit, and work towards getting things done?

B) Noodle around on LJ, continually rearrange lists of To-Do tasks, and then fall asleep after watching "Bionic Woman"?

If you answered B), then You Are Yeff.
Tags: noodling, procrastination, work, writing

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