jeffsoesbe (jeffsoesbe) wrote,

links for nerds

Some links of a nerd nature:

- The SDK for Android, Google's open platform for mobile phones, is now available, and there's a contest. It's time for some hacking fun!

- Speaking of SDKs, Facebook has one too (CNNMoney article). Between Android and Facebook, there's surely some serious money possibilities.

- A collection of Mindwebs shows, which did radio plays of science fiction stories (link via BoingBoing). Sounds Totally Awesome.

- Miro (via BoingBoing), a cross-platform video management app and associated free content. Does it sync with iPod or ZUNE?

- A review of Razor, the new BSG movie coming soon. New BSG, coming soon ... (insert Homer Simpson drooling sound) ...

- XKCD swag. The "Science" shirt and the two maps go on my wish list.

- Advertising Lab dissects slogans. AdLab: "Good Slogans Are Brief".
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