jeffsoesbe (jeffsoesbe) wrote,

In Portland, I am

I got into Portland last night with no flight troubles (a pleasant change from the last couple times on Alaska). It took a little while to get to the hotel (the embedded directions in the trip planner were NOT useful), but I found it.

The rest of the evening was spent on the laptop, noodling around on the Intertubes and LJ along with watching all those cable TV channels I don't get at home (what a tremendous mind-waster full cable TV is).

Today was workout then lotsa work including the first experience with the Halo room (most excellent and I felt very important) and a tasty Thai food dinner. That was followed by a couple hours writing at a nearby Starbucks, where I did a complete rewrite on "Crow and Samoset (Now and Then)" in prep for the open reading at Orycon tomorrow night.

Now I'm back at the hotel, noodling around on LJ and the Intertubes, and preparing to put in my daily words on "Real Space" and then revise the first part for the Saturday open reading at Orycon. I also have to do my critique of the other participant in my workshop session.

Tomorrow is work in the AM, sushi for lunch, then return the rental car to the airport, take the MAX downtown, and Orycon! So far, so good.
Tags: now and then, orycon, real space, work, writing

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