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thoughts on the BSG finale

So I finally saw the BSG finale today. I watched the first hour over the weekend, and a couple coworkers and I watched the last 1.5 hours in a conference room as a long lunch break. I'd already read multiple comments on LJ and on various SF sites so I knew the reaction was not favorable.

Overall, I felt ... underwhelmed. The ending, especially the last hour, had many elements that I felt were too simple and too "deus ex machina". BSG was, at its height, a complex, gray, uncertain show that was all about what it meant to be human whether you were human, cylon, or something in between. My summary of BSG would be: being human is complicated, messy, difficult. BSG deserved an ending that was more difficult than this, that was more uncertain, that wasn't so clean and cut-and-dried and easy.

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TV Comment: BSG, season 4, episodes 14-16

Catching up on BSG here.

_Battlestar Galactica_
Season 5, Episode 14
"A Disquiet Follows My Soul"

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(Someone said it was good to watch the webisodes before this episode, so that's what I'm going to do)

_Battlestar Galactica_
Season 4 Webisodes
"The Face of the Enemy"

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_Battlestar Galactica_
Season 4, Episode 15
"The Oath"

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_Battlestar Galactica_
Season 4, Episode 16
"Blood on the Scales"

Somehow, with a title like "Blood on the Scales", I don't think one is going to be baskets full of puppydogs holding lollipops.

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Summary: Overall, a bleak run of episodes around the rebellion. Now the series will finish up and (maybe) answer some of the questions about what happened in the past and what, if any, future there is for this world of characters.
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Bruuuuuuuuuuce! and BSG

Gonna go see Bruce tonight! Should be excellent.

BSG Season 4 starts tonight! I will tape it and watch it tomorrow. Should be excellent.

And really, that's all I have to report about today. The rest is silence.

ETA: For those who don't know, "Bruuuuuuuuuce" == "Bruce" == "Bruce Springsteen".
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TV Comment: Battlestar Galactica recap (and LOST)

In prep for the start of Season 4 of BSG (April 4, Yay!), an excellent recap of the first three seasons of BSG is available on the Sci Fi Channel website. There are other cool videos as well, but here's the recap (from YouTube):

And if that voice sounds familiar, I'd bet anything it's the same narrator of the great LOST recap earlier this year:

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random links for Monday

American Presidential Candidates as a Brand (from salon.com). Summary: Obama is a 21st century brand and can change world perceptions of the US, the rest are 20th century and won't.

Jim Van Pelt gives great info on various Flash Fiction sites including Flash Fiction Online, where he is published this month and I was published last month. It's cool to be in the company of such folks on FFO.

The TED Conference has wrapped up. One day I shall attend this incredibly cool event, but for now I can watch it on the web!

Famous Assassinations: Who Could Doctors Save Today? (via the_flea_king). The time travel crowd will love this one; the best part is the "Medical Attention" description (probing, screams, hand-wringing).

Three lawyers at Concurring Opinions interview Ron Moore and David Eick about "Battlestar Galactica". Here's today's listening, right here.
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links for nerds

Some links of a nerd nature:

- The SDK for Android, Google's open platform for mobile phones, is now available, and there's a contest. It's time for some hacking fun!

- Speaking of SDKs, Facebook has one too (CNNMoney article). Between Android and Facebook, there's surely some serious money possibilities.

- A collection of Mindwebs shows, which did radio plays of science fiction stories (link via BoingBoing). Sounds Totally Awesome.

- Miro (via BoingBoing), a cross-platform video management app and associated free content. Does it sync with iPod or ZUNE?

- A review of Razor, the new BSG movie coming soon. New BSG, coming soon ... (insert Homer Simpson drooling sound) ...

- XKCD swag. The "Science" shirt and the two maps go on my wish list.

- Advertising Lab dissects slogans. AdLab: "Good Slogans Are Brief".