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what's making me happy this week - july 6-12, 2015

* Feedly (feedly.com)

I read a fair amount of blogs and/or websites and going through them site by site is a pain. I finally found feedly, which combines all the RSS feeds into one feed in my feedly account. It also has an iOS app. I now find that I'm actually reading less articles, but reading the articles I want to read more. Recommended.

* 1632, by Eric Flint

The first book in Eric Flint's series about a West Virginia town that is transported back to 1632 Germany in the midst of the Thirty Years War. It's a fun enjoyable read that actually has some political and social aspects as well, as a bunch of Americans assimilate (or *don't* assimilate) into seventh-century near-feudal Europe. I'm using it as a palate cleanser when I struggle with my Hugo reading.

- yeff
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urban fantasy covers, in a nutshell

Cute video by scifiguy, found via io9.

It's funny because it's true. Lou Anders laughed about this during his coffee chat at Orycon, saying "it's what sells". Hey Lou, maybe it sells because it's the ONLY COVER STYLE OUT THERE.

At least it looks like recent trends actually have the cover subject (always a woman) facing the reader. Of course, half the time they cut off her head/face.

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Books (Being) Read and Enjoyed

One of the things I did over the Christmas and New Years break was read a lot. Here's the first few of the list of books I've read and enjoyed, either now or over the break, along with a short bit on why I enjoyed it. Click on any image to go to the book on Amazon.

Books in this posting:
- _Zot! The Complete Black and White Collection_ by Scott McCloud
- _The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao_ by Junot Diaz
- _Mainspring_ by Jay Lake

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That's it for now. More books later.
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Great Books for Girls

Given that I have two daughters (ages 14 and 7.5), I'm constantly on the search for good books for them that have active female protagonists and girl-positive themes.

The Amelia Bloomer Project looks like it has lots of good references, both fiction and non-fiction. (Link via Broadsheet at salon.com.)

I also have some links to female-positive speculative fiction books somewhere. I'll see if I can find the links and post them here.

Anyone else have recommendations?
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great "Fresh Air" interview with Junot Diaz

On "Fresh Air" today, Terry Gross talked with Junot Diaz about his book, The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao.

This sounds like a fantastic book that mixes aspects of multiple cultures, ranging from displaced Dominicans to geeky nerds. How can you not love a novel that includes the line "Homeboy dominated Santo Domingo like it was his very own private Mordor".

I bet both C and I would enjoy it. Definitely a pick-up.

UPDATE: changed icon, to fit in with the theme of "all bald people"
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recent media acquisitions (and two short sentences on each)


Stories - Doris Lessing. The Nobel Prize winner. This should be excellent, and will go straight in to the top end of the "short stories to learn from" book queue.

Logical Chess: Move by Move - Irving Chernev. As referenced at VPXI. I'm not a big chess person, but I plan to learn about more than just chess.

Magic and Showmanship - Henning Nelms. As referenced at VPXI. It's not just about magic, but about tools used when telling a story and doing a trick.

Amphigorey - Edward Gorey. Contains "Mister Earbrass". All writers swear by it as the perfect tale of the literary life.


Magic - Bruce Springsteen. C and I are seeing him October 26. It's different than the Bruce I remember, but there's some good stuff in there.

White Chalk - PJ Harvey. I have always liked PJ Harvey. This album is slower and softer than others, but still enjoyable.

No Need To Argue - The Cranberries. The first Cranberries album is marvelous. I haven't yet listened to this so I don't know if it stacks up.

Haunted - Poe. Slow, thoughtful, and deep. Great writing music.

() - Sigur Ros. Space age new wave ambient rock. Again, great for writing, especially for haunted emotional ghost-type stories.

Armchair Apocrypha - Andrew Bird. Found this after seeing a reference on someone else's blog (Bear's?). Weird, wild, random, and touching.

Star Trek: The Complete Animated Series. Star Trek with an unlimited special effects budget. This will get E and A permanently hooked on Star Trek.