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the post-fleetball report

The game itself was fun. Teams started out as the four "old guys" (ages 40+) versus the four "kids" (ages 14-15). But the old guys quickly asserted their knowledge of the unconventional strategy of fleetball and scored a bunch of touchdowns. So we mixed it up with 2 old guys and 2 kids on each team, and it was much more even from there on out.

No big injuries, beyond the standard "I'm going to feel that tomorrow" overexertion. I did drag the toe of my foot through the dirt while attempting a kickoff. You usually don't take divots on kickoffs, but this was an exception :-)

Today I'm a little sore and stiff in the legs and the back, but a couple days of working out and stretching should ease that pain. So I think we can call fleetball a rousing success! All had a good time, and were interested in playing again in the future.
bruce willis

the state of the corporeal state (or, the fitness report)

Pecs still sore and stiff from weightlifting on Monday (first time in 2 months).

3 mile run today went well, but the attempt to increase stride length and do some intervals resulted in a couple (very short) walking moments.

Second joint of right thumb (where thumb meets hand) is still swollen and slightly sore from being sprained during Neighborhood Dad's Football Game back in December.

Left hamstring insertion point (ie, where hamstring meets butt) still feels tight.

Weight is a bit high, I'd like to see it down about 5-10 pounds. Or, more specifically, I'd like to get rid of some of the side flub.

Chicken wrap successfully eaten. This achievement might be in conflict with previous statement.

In summary, all systems are go for the "fleetball" game this Sunday.
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