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Bawdy puppet show musicals, and scottish golf

C and I went with a group of friends to see AVENUE Q last night. I saw it in LA back in September of 97 and raved about it, so we knew if it ever came through Sacramento we had to go see it. It did, and we did.

It was a blast! Funny songs ("It Sucks To Be Me", "Everyone's A Little Bit Racist", "If You Were Gay"), tawdry songs ("The Internet Is For Porn", "You Can Be As Loud As the Hell You Want (When You're Makin' Love")) and also some very nice, touching, sentimental songs ("I Wish I Could Go Back To College", "There's a Fine, Fine, Line"). The puppet work was great, and even though the performers are onstage with the puppets after a while you're primarily looking at the puppets.

Audio and video clips from the show are available on the website. Next stops on the tour are Omaha, Costa Mesa, Austin, Cincinnati, and Appleton. I highly recommend the show. If you get a chance to see it, go check it out!

After that, I woke up early this morning to go play golf at Haggin Oaks. It was cool, slightly wet, and windy - perfect "scottish golf" weather for a course designed by Alastair MacKenzie. Friend from work RB, his son NB, and I played the front 9. I had a fantastic day, with rock-solid driving, good pitching and clipping, and laser-like putting. Final score for the front nine was 49! That's under 50, and a mere 13 over par, including closing bogey-par-par. For me, who is happy with triple bogey golf, that's an awesome day!
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a good walk, spoiled (but not really)

Dad and I went to Haggin Oaks, with my work buddy RB and his son NB, and it was absolutely beautiful day. Cool in the morning, but clear and then warming up until by the end we were at the short sleeved shirts.

Shot a 65 on the front nine, including an absolutely hideous blowup on two holes where I was +13 That's right, +13 = 2 11s on a part 4 and a par 5. My goal is to play triple bogey golf but that was terrible even for me. It was all pitching and chipping and putting shots in the water. Ouch.

But after that I settled down and started getting back to steady shots in (and off of) the fairway, solid putting, and even some decent pitches. For the back nine, that carried me to a 53 which would have been better except for a slight blowup on the 17th hole.

We had a nice time on a beautiful day and now we're just hanging out for a bit before we go over to my sister's for dinner.

After that, we'll come back and I'll get going on finishing the Giant Panda story. It might require pulling a Lake (ie, 2K words in a session). But the time is there, so let's see if the words are.
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a good walk not spoiled, and Mystery Theatre

Did a round of golf at Bing Maloney with some folks from C's work (who I've played with in the past). It was perfect weather, starting out cool with light clouds that slowly opened up to a warm and pleasant day. I saw a bunch of squirrels, some birds, and gave a big praying mantis a lift off the 18th green towards safety.

It took about four holes for me to relax into the game and quit hurrying. I ended up with a 122, thus fulfilling my goal of "triple bogey golf" (par was 72). I even putted for par on one par 3 (just missed, alas). If I could learn to pitch and to hit off the fairway, I could easily be at double bogey golf.

Came back home for chicken soup, bread and cheese, and a Mango-a-Go-Go from Jamba Juice (courtesy the rest of the family). Both A and E's teams won their soccer games today, E running the show from midfield and A making some great saves in goal.

Tonight we're taking my Mom to Suspects Dinner Theatre as an early birthday celebration. Several Interesting Mom Facts have been secretly revealed to the theatre, for use during the show by a "psychic". It should be a fun night.

And now for some writing before the evening begins!
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an early hint of fall

This was the first morning in a long time that I haven't opened all the windows and run the whole house fan. We usually do it in order to completely cool off the attic before the heat of the day, but today it just didn't seem necessary.

Also, we're running out of tomatoes from the garden. This is one of the sad moments of the end of summer - the end of tomatoes. Sigh.

I'm taking the day off from work today to go take part in a fundraiser for various local health clinics. I'm playing golf. I was invited by one of my wife's coworkers. Little does he know, I play golf about four times a year. Triple-bogey golf is a good day for me. However, occasionally I go into "savant mode" and make a beautiful shot or drain a long putt. But mostly, golf is a nice walk in green fields and trees, along with some relaxed concentration. Or concentrated relaxation. I can never remember which.