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lunchtime post of various and sundry things

- The Comics Curmudgeon is an excellent site, and the Dysfunctional Family Circus-esque take on today's "Dennis the Menace" made me laugh out loud. If you're not reading Comics Curmudgeon, you should be.

- An exhibition on ancient Balkan civilizations in the Danube Valley has opened (New York Times article). Very interesting, and certainly massive story-juice.

- In the Guardian, Patrick Stewart talks about the domestic abuse of his childhood and its effect. Serious, troubling, interesting.

- The Writer's Digest Short Short Story Competition has extended its deadline. Gee, you think maybe, just maybe, people are getting the idea that money flows TO the writer? Yeah, they're giving out about $7500 in prizes but I'd think a big, rich outfit like Writer's Digest could forgo a $15 entry fee per story in order to get the publicity of the contest and even the rights to do an (hopefully well-selling) anthology of the winners? I dunno, maybe I'm wrong on this.

- Speaking of places to submit your stories that *don't* charge an entry fee, here's a bunch I've found recently now that I'm getting the submission engine ramped back up:

RetroSpec wants speculative shorts set in the 20s to 80s. [Alas, their word limit is 2K so I can't send them either "The Dybbuk's Moll" (too long) or "The Spirit Turk" (too far in past) or "The All-Questioning Eye" (waaay too far in the past).]

Aether Age Anthology wants stories set in a massive, detailed, shared world. I haven't read all the details but you can read the Writer's Guideline and see what you think.

Residential Aliens wants quality spec fic with a spiritual background. [I have a few of those that could work.]

Εννέα (Nine, a Greek magazine) wants just science fiction stories, and is happy to take reprints. dr_phil_physics has sold a couple things to them. Looks like fun!

Morrigan Books E-Zine likes dark fantasy and horror, up to 3K words, and has published many big names. Intriguing.

Futurismic wants stories that fit their guidelines and outlook, so give them a look over and see if something fits. Even if you're not submitting fiction, they have very interesting articles, and also have a giant list of "Fiction Online" and publish a regular post on "Free Fiction." Totally worth checking out and bookmarking, for all those reasons.

ETA: Fixed the name of Εννέα (Nine) - thanks to Dr Phil!
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Visiting the Nina

A replica of the Nina, built by the Columbus Foundation, was docked in Sacramento Old Town for a couple weeks, so last weekend we went to go check it out.

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I personally was very impressed, both at the construction and at the small size of a ship that was used to sail from Europe to the Americas (Caribbean). They actually take volunteers for month shifts, and I have to admit the thought seriously crossed my mind (I have a fondness for sailing). The current volunteers noticed as well - when I was admiring the masts and checking out the ropes, one of them said "Looks like a new volunteer!". Maybe they say that to all the young sailing boys.

Beyond a yearning to head out to sea, I also got some good story ideas and a sense of the environment of a ship like that. The real crew was 24-27 sailors, who slept on deck (the cabins below were all for animals and food stores). What an amazing life that would be.