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DEFYING GRAVITY, the tv show (or, Yeff was ahead of the meme curve again)

A bunch of astronauts, on a long-term mission, every minute of their existence broadcast back to Earth for everyone to watch. And their lives are a bit of a soap opera, aren't they?


For those who were at Orycon in 2007, and went to the long-form Open Reading and Critiques, or who were in my crit session of Baycon in 2008, you received a story I wrote called either "Real Space" or "The Reality of Space" which was about exactly this situation. Alas, I did what I do far too often which is to put the story aside and never touch it again.

Now, there's two shows out with this concept and I'm sure plenty more in script slush piles around Hollywood and beyond. Which somewhat renders my story concept a little played out, perhaps?

In any case, I will say this: At least my characters were a lot more international and multi-cultural than the all-North American and (nearly) all-white folks in DEFYING GRAVITY. I can't speak for VIRTUALITY, as I haven't seen it yet. I'll certainly check out DEFYING GRAVITY when it comes around.

But in the end, the lesson is this: I need to finish stories and send them out, instead of sitting on them.

Now here, for your enjoyment, is the trailer for DEFYING GRAVITY (IMDB entry, CTV.CA article).

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yet another short-deadline contest I am ludicrously considering entering

The PARSEC 2008 F&SF Story Contest. Theme is "Metallic Feathers", max word count is 3500, deadline is April 15.

Note that April 15 is also the deadline for a story to be submitted for the BayCon Writing Workshop, and I told myself that Hell or High Water I was going to submit "Real Space" for that workshop. And "Real Space" needs to be finished *and* revised.

We'll see what happens. I'm crazy to even be thinking about PARSEC. But, what else is new?
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the slow steady grind of a rewrite

I've been working through the rewrite of "Real Space" the last few days. I'm trying to get it into some sort of shape so I can send it to SacSpec for our Wednesday meeting. Unfortunately, I really should send it out today as I want them to have enough time for reading.

This is the first rewrite of a story I previously wrote under my new "two stories a month" (ie, 500 words/day) plan. The first draft was in rather rough shape, so the rewrite is going slow. I'm finding myself working on character, on plot and on setting all at the same time. I think I'm making it better, but that could just be the after effect of jettisoning and rewriting an entire scene. Urf.

I might not make it all the way through the story (in fact, I know I won't). But we'll see how far I get and send SacSpec what I have, probably the first 2-3 scenes or about 4000 words. I'm taking a break now to go see "The Golden Compass" with E, then I'll get back to it tonight. And I should write some more on "When Crogdor Came Back", which has been languishing.

This stuff isn't easy, is it? No, it is not.
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Orycon, Day 2 (Saturday): The Long Day and Night of the Wanna-Be Author

Summary: I spend the day doing what all wanna-be authors do at a convention: Attending writing-related sessions, listening to writers read their work, kneeling at the feet of big-time writers, critiquing and being critiqued, and then staying up really late partying. OK, maybe not the last one. I did stay up late, but it was doing writing-related activities. How dull am I?

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In Portland, I am

I got into Portland last night with no flight troubles (a pleasant change from the last couple times on Alaska). It took a little while to get to the hotel (the embedded directions in the trip planner were NOT useful), but I found it.

The rest of the evening was spent on the laptop, noodling around on the Intertubes and LJ along with watching all those cable TV channels I don't get at home (what a tremendous mind-waster full cable TV is).

Today was workout then lotsa work including the first experience with the Halo room (most excellent and I felt very important) and a tasty Thai food dinner. That was followed by a couple hours writing at a nearby Starbucks, where I did a complete rewrite on "Crow and Samoset (Now and Then)" in prep for the open reading at Orycon tomorrow night.

Now I'm back at the hotel, noodling around on LJ and the Intertubes, and preparing to put in my daily words on "Real Space" and then revise the first part for the Saturday open reading at Orycon. I also have to do my critique of the other participant in my workshop session.

Tomorrow is work in the AM, sushi for lunch, then return the rental car to the airport, take the MAX downtown, and Orycon! So far, so good.

Writing: October review, November plans

Summary: October was Viable Paradise and the recovery afterwards. November will be more writing, Orycon, and the beginning of prep for 2008 and "Til Hell Won't Have It"

The big, humongous, writing-life-altering event in October was my attendance at Viable Paradise XI. I've already blogged extensively on the con and the after effects, so I won't repeat things here. Let's just say it was a great experience, I learned a lot, and I'm still struggling to put those lessons into practice.

I did finish two stories in October: "Now and then, or Crow and Samoset" (1500 words) and "Real Enuf 4 U" (5000 words). Work and personal life were very busy, but I did hit my newly-avowed pace of two stories a month. I also joined thing_in_150, a group of ex-VPers vowing to write 500 words a day (which fits with my pace goals).

In November I'll write two more stories, due the 15th and the 30th. I've started on the first one, "Real Space" (which has the full, silly title "The Really Realest Real Space Of All"). I'm not sure what the second one will be. There are multiple candidates vying for brain space.

I'll revise "Crow" and "Real Enuf" fairly soon, as they both have places to be. "Crow" will go to matociquala because it incorporates the VP homework she assigned to me during our 1on1. "Real Enuf" will go to SacSpec for critique in our Monday, Nov 12 meeting.

I'm going to Orycon in mid-November. There, "Samsara" will finally receive a long-overdue professional critique from Lillian Saintcrow and David Goldman. I don't know anything about either of them, so I have some reading to do.

At Orycon, there are supposed to be "open reading and critique" sessions for writers to read work and receive audience and pro feedback. I'm planning on reading "Crow and Samoset" and maybe the first scene of "Real Space", depending on how big the demand is for spots.

Finally, kenscholes has agreed to give me some feedback on "Hunters" and I will happily buy him some beer in return. I might also try to see if jaylake has any thoughts on "Owl, Cat, Cigarette". I'll be interested in hearing what they both have to say.

And that's it! Perhaps I'll try to do some other revising, but it's already a full month. December will be the big revision month, because 2008 is going to be the year I fulfill the "Send It Out (to Paying Markets Only) Until Hell Won't Have It" part of the VP Oath. Woah, scary.