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I wanted to start eating less, but maybe not *quite* like this

Well, I managed to get food poisoning while at the Sacramento Jazz Festival Saturday.

Based on what I ate that the kids didn't (and based on what came back up), it was either the chicken gyro I had for lunch, or the peanut butter cup ice cream shake I had late afternoon. (I suspected the calamari sandwich and vegetables I had for dinner, but C had both those and was fine.)

So I spent Sunday morning barfing, and the majority of Sunday either asleep in the Big Green Recliner, asleep in bed, or unhappy in the bathroom. I felt well enough by Sunday evening to go have dinner at Mom's but I opted for just chicken noodle soup and Premium Saltines.

By the way, Premium Saltines are the Greatest. Food. Ever.

Today I feel much better but I still can't eat much. Which is fine, as I've been meaning to start eating less food anyway. That's one way to do it, I guess.

Note that I do not blame the Jazz Festival in any way. It's a fun event with lots of cool music and is a great time. I did pick up a nifty book, _The Golden Hub_, which has first-hand accounts of life in Sacramento in the Gold Rush days. Because I know that there are stories I want to tell set in those times.

In other writing news, the first draft of "The Hair That Binds" stalled out due to the weekend and sickness. But I did realize that if I compress the first two scenes into one I get into the story faster and have more room to tell the rest of it. Which is a good thing, as I'm just trying to have fun with this one and enjoy telling the story.

It's something I think I've forgotten recently - to enjoy telling the story. It all starts there, doesn't it?

It's going to be a busy week, with work to be done, and family events, and stories to be sent back out into the world, and multiple school events, and critique group, and going to Las Vegas Friday morning for the ARML contest. And then May will be over.

Wow, 2009 is going by fast.
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Things My Head Is Full Of for $400, Alex

- .NET and C#. This week I had an all-week, all-day class on "Mastering the .NET Framework with C#". It was a tremendous amount of information to have to try to process. I'm not sure I'll use everything I learned, or even remember all of it, but I think the information is in the brain somewhere. There's a couple more labs to finish off, so I'll get those done this weekend because otherwise I'll never do them. Future experiences developing code with .NET and C# will hopefully trigger a reaction like "oh yeah, we talked about that in class." But for now, it's still a bit of a massive muddle.

- Massive, unrelenting congestion. This is a leftover from the cold I had a couple weeks ago. The gigantic sinus congestion and hacky cough still linger to this day. Sudafed barely keeps the congestion at bay and if I miss a dose then, hooooo baby, it gets nasty. It might be time to go see the doctor about this one.

- Math contest things. Now that the "math contest season" is winding down, along with my coaching of the middle school team, I'm starting to think about next year. I think I just might run a couple open area-wide contests next school year, so I'm running through the mental thought experiments on how it would work.

- Norwescon. Norwescon is in three weeks! I don't know my full schedule yet, but I should start planning for panels I asked for. This means brushing up on Ancient Computers, Robots, and LOST. I also need to begin the planning and organizational process for the Science Fiction Spelling Bee. Part of this entails asking people who are much wittier than me for contributions to the cause.

- Writing. In all these other activities, writing has not been forsaken. But it has taken a back seat recently. I sent in an entry to the latest Byzarium Flash Fiction Contest, I'm keeping other stories in circulation, and I'm thinking about a homework assignment. I'm also trying to get back to the "revise and submit" of ye olde desk stories that have been lingering around forever. It's time to get those stories out into the world, and let them find their way.
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now we're really just at more of a pummelling

After 10 hours of sleep, the sickness feels more like I've been only pummelled rather than severely beaten.

Still tired, and a little achy, but I'll make it through the math contest today just fine.

After that, of course, I'll come back home and rest. Or rather, do stuff around the house that needs to be done (low key stuff - paperwork, etc).
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teh sick has me in its hideous grip

I've acquired some sort of nasty vicious cold.

There's a cough, which hurls itself from my lungs, scrapes my wind passages on the way up and shakes my mouth as it exits.

There's a sneeze, and when I sneeze it feels like I'm infusing every cell of my body with miasma, which then leaks out my pores and creates a second skin of miasma and an hazy miasma cloud around my body.

There's some aching. My skin over my ribs aches. Where the back of my head meets my neck aches. Things that were injured in the past (right thumb, left index finger, sore hamstring) ache.

My creative mind has completely shut off. All I can do is stare at technical documents and occasionally work a math problem. No writing.

For me, it's soup and then a shower and then bed. Hopefully I'll feel better tomorrow when it's the last of the the three math contests, the Math Counts Regional, where I'm running the Countdown Round. I'm thinking I can Advil/Sudafed up for that, then crash in the afternoon.
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the edge of sick

I have a small scratch in my throat and a small cough. The cough isn't too bad, but every once in a while it's a big cough that comes from deep inside my chest like it brings some sort of miasma with it and afterwards, I feel like someone took a brillo pad to my alveoli and bronchial tubes.

I've been around sick people for a couple weeks while I was in TX and NM, so it sounds like the sickness is trying to get hold of me.

This sucks. I fly to Seattle for Norwescon Thursday. I can not get sick. I have much to do before then. Dang it.

Time to load up on vitamins and water and get rest, at least as much as I can get with all the stuff I have to do.
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Look kids, our friend Congestion is back!


I thought I was over the vicious cold-like thing that made my September miserable and ended up with me taking antibiotics, super-decongestant and steroids.

But I felt tinges of congestion while at VP and the last couple days it's been coming on stronger. Argh. And I have my 20th college reunion coming up this weekend, with good pal Bert flying in so we can drive down together. I'll just have to shove through.

In other news, weightlifting has been tough the last couple days. I think I increased weight too much in the last month. My left shoulder is still hurting. Trainer John said "it could be time to back off on a few exercises" and he's right.

SacSpec meeting tonight, then pick up the house, then attempt to do some more VP-related blog entries. Then some sleep before starting over tomorrow.

Viable Paradise. Now it seems like it was just a dream, a faint memory of a distant land. If I didn't have all these new LJ friends and IM friends and discussion lists I'd be doubting that it even happened.

Digital traces of VP people, piles of notes (electronic and paper), and the occasional bouts of "My writing stinks beyond the farthest depths of stinkage throughout history". Those are my reminders of the week spent outside the real (non-VP) world. Congestion, leave them alone. They're mine.
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my head is full of concrete

When I tap on the back of my head, my teeth hurt. My sinuses have apparently "opacified", which means they are full of gunk instead of air.

When I blow my nose, yellow goop often comes out.

When I cough up stuff, it's green. I cough a lot. It hurts. But I am getting an ab workout.

It's definitely time to call the doctor.

In other news, writing is slow due to work, household things and general ick-ness. "The Very Difficult Diwali of Inspector Thirumala Naidu" gets occasional brain cycles, but they are definitely slower than usual.
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the sinus sickness is winning

The cold/sinus problem I've had for a while is gaining ground, resulting in bad pressure, headaches, goop in head and mouth, sinus pain, and general tiredness and discomfort. Staying up late and getting up early for 6AM work meeting hasn't helped. I've been living off Sudafed and Advil in a vain attempt to keep it at bay.

Had an unplanned nap earlier today, and going to bed early tonight. Time to fight back. Writing and household stuff and everything else will have to wait.