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a lecture from the internal taskmaster

Dear Yeff,

Noodling around on LJ and the Internet is not a proper substitute for writing stories that are due in a week, nor is it a proper substitute for critiquing stories that must be critiqued by tomorrow night.

No, you may not have another glass of Caffeine Free Diet Coke.

No, you may not have a Girl Scout Cookie.

Get to work.


The Taskmaster
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in which I receive my just desserts

Not quite a week ago, I noted that I had mentally committed myself to a bunch of things by March 31 and really regretted the mental commitment because I was producing poor quality work.

Well, I have received my just desserts for my lack of foresight. CatsCurious said "no" on Wednesday (but ckastens got it, so that's cool) and tonight I received the "no" from the Taking Flight anthology. The editor said, basically, that the story was a mess and not original (my words, not his). And, he's right. I knew that rushing it was going to produce a sub-standard story and that's what happened. And I'm fairly sure that when the WOTF results come around, it will be a "no place".

It's not the "no"s that upset me. I can take those just fine. It's the knowledge that I didn't produce anywhere near my best work, and it was my own danged fault. Sheesh. Sucks to be me.

I'll go through my "be depressed today, get back to work tomorrow" cycle, and a milkshake (dessert), a glass of wine and some John Denver will be the balms. Onward.
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today has not lived up to expectations

C is off at a conference in Oakland today, so I had dreams of spending the day getting the office cleaned out, writing, organizing bills, and doing critiques.

Instead I've been ferrying kids from place to place, snacking, noodling around on the Internets and LJ, and reading chapters of _The Yiddish Policeman's Union_ by Michael Chabon.

Perhaps I should just write off the rest of the afternoon and indulge my obviously slackadaisical tendendies. But I have so much to do and will be out of town starting Thursday. Urgh.
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where the morning went

I had such great plans for the day. Here's how it's gone so far:

- 5:45 - 6:45 = Get up; go to Peets and get coffee and snacks; help skiiers get out the door
- 6:45 - 7:45 = Read paper, drink coffee, eat breakfast, bathroom
- 7:45 - 8:45 = Read LJ, post about how productive of a day it's going to be (ha!) and about flying wingsuit videos; discover Ultraman and watch and post about that
- 8:45 - 9:30 = Wake up E, take shower, get dressed, go to breakfast
- 9:30 - 11:30 = Breakfast (which was aloo gobhi, raita, homemade pooris, and kheer and thus So Very Delicious)
- 11:30 - 12:45 = Grocery store, put away groceries
- 12:45 - 2:15 = Read email, try to remember where I lived in first/second grade, call mom and talk to her while we figure it out; post about my day so far

Now the Pro Bowl is on in the background and my brain is continuing to spin on various funny Pro Bowl ads I'd make were I in charge of Pro Bowl ads. And once E gets done with her homework we will go get the cell phone. I think I'd better get something done!

ETA: The rest of the day went better. I critiqued 6 stories (4 for deathless_pose, 2 for Critters); put down some new words on "The Dybbuk's Moll" and the moon worker story; sent both those (partial) stories to their various places; went to a family dinner; read a story; had the Grammys on in the background; and finally klunked around midnight. So productiveness happened.