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Dear Tooth Fairy (a found letter)

I found this letter on the school playground the other day.

Dear Tooth Fairy,

This is Kamya's Buddy. She recently "lost" her tooth on the playground. We either lost it in the park or she swallowed it. It was her first loose tooth and are bumbed for her little tooth "accident".


I'm curious about what circumstances occurred around the "accident" where the tooth was "lost", but I thought that I should still pass on the message to the Tooth Fairy.

Tooth Fairy, here you go.

(any thoughts from others on the nature of the "accident"? Maybe there's a story in it!)
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random thoughts and links for lunchtime

Not *my* lunchtime. I have a class that starts at lunchtime. So I'll be eating my lunch and attending the class. This is for anyone else who needs something to read over lunchtime.

- I've recently discovered that I hook the tip of my left pinky finger around the side of the laptop when I'm not typing. This might explain why the base of my left pinky finger has been hurting for the past few weeks. And here I thought it was just due to footy (Australian Rules Football).

- I'm working at home today, doing said classes online, and there's a cheer camp going on at the park across the street. It's a bunch of little girls, aged 5-8 I'd guess, dressed up in matching cheer outfits, with pompons, learning cheers. SHUDDER. And, there's tons of parents standing around watching and taking pictures or even videotaping. DOUBLE SHUDDER. What is this, Texas?

- Stories are all around us, all around!

For example, check out this excellent Fallen Princesses photo essay at JPG Magazine.

Read about the girl who doesn't age (ABCNews, via J Freivald), or check out 12 Baffling Medical Conditions. Think about depth of character.

Browse through the Weekly World News online archives at Google Books and read about, say, Ancient Egyptian manicurist lovers found buried together in a tomb, or a girl who doesn't age (hey, wait a minute).

Marvel at some World War III Propaganda Posters at Flickr (BECAUSE SOMEBODY BLOGGED). They're funny because you know they *could* be true.

- Then write one of those near-future, positivist SF stories and submit it to the SHINE Anthology, because they've extended their deadline another month, to August 1. That's what *I'm* going to do!