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random things make a post

- It is like ten degrees hotter in my cube than in the rest of the floor, I swear it. It's so warm I drink lots of water, then have to go to the bathroom, then come back to my cube and say "wow, it's hot in here" then drink more water, etc, etc, etc. It's a vicious cycle.

- Pizza for lunch, and it's going to be pizza for dinner. Mmmm, pizza.

- The fitness center has the absolute strangest station ever. It's hits from every generation. Today I heard the Hollies, Beyonce, Bon Jovi, Lady Gaga, Elton John (Philadelphia Freedom), and the Beatles. Crazy.

- I don't know what the trainer did in that class I did today, but wow are my trapezoids sore and stiff.

- I rather liked Tuesday's LOST episode, but I'm still wondering where the Sideways stories are going. If anywhere at all.

Back to it.
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morning footy in front of the cameras goes well

SacFooty, the Sacramento Australian Rules Football club, had a great time this morning playing some footy in front of the cameras for Channel 31. Julissa, the on-air person, was very friendly and ready to have fun and it looked like she had a great time learning the game and later playing.

There are two video segments already available on the Channel 31 web site, the first when she was talking to Matt, the coach, and learning the basics, the second when she was out there playing. (I'm only in the first video segment as I had to run home and get the kids off to their activities. Look for the bald guy wearing number 22.)

Both videos are available on the Channel 31 web site. In the "Good Day Video" find the clips titled "Ju Knows Aussie Football".

We'll see if we get some new folks interested in footy, but no matter what it was a fun time and a blast to play in front of the cameras!
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The footy club will be on TV tomorrow (Tuesday) morning!

Sac Footy, the Australian Rules Football club of which I am a member, will be on television tomorrow morning. Early tomorrow morning. Really early. Like 6:45 in the morning early.

Local station Channel 31 (owned by local CBS affiliate Channel 13) wants to have us on as part of their Good Day Sacramento morning show. I assume we'll be kicking around the footy, talking about how to play the game, showing some basic skills, and maybe even doing a small live-action scrimmage.

So if you're interested in hearing more about footy, seeing it played by folks who are still (mostly) amateurs, or want to see my mug at 6:45 in the morning, then turn on Channel 31 (if you're in Sacramento) or watch on the web at the Good Day Sacramento site. They will supposedly be streaming the show live, and I would imagine it would be available later in the day as well.

With all this publicity we're getting, we might just have to get a bigger field! Excellent! The more the merrier!
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TV Comment: LOST thoughts so far

Various and sundry general thoughts about LOST after the first four episodes. Details placed behind the cut for SPOILER protection.

These thoughts are related to my "Rules Of LOST", explained way back here in the context of the Season 3 Finale:
#1) Most things are simpler than you might think.
#2) Nothing is going to happen as fast as you want (or hope)
#3) The writers/creators are always going to leave some wiggle room.

I'm going to add a fourth rule as well:
#4) Nothing is quite as easy as it seems.

- Does the flash forward work?
- What's up with Jack in the future?
- The baby, the baby!
- Circumstances around the departure
- Why the coverup?

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TV Comment: LOST, so far (season 4, episodes 1-4)

I've been a slacker about commenting on LOST, so I'm going to do a quick catch-up and then be a better commenter after this.

NOTE: I'm taking a new approach, where I don't read *any* spoilers before watching the episode. I used to be a big spoiler junkie, but I avoided spoilers for the last episode of season 3 and was truly surprised by the big reveal near the end. So, I'm spoiler-free so far and liking it.

Overall, I've been enjoying this season of LOST. The pace is quick, the new characters are interesting, there are some new reveals and it really feels like things are happening. Sure, we're not getting as much information about how everything "works" but it's starting to feel to me like we're getting there.

Episode comments below. There be SPOILERS in all the text behind the cuts below.

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I'll put my overall thoughts on things so far in a separate post, because this one is done. Suffice to say that LOST is being fun, and I'm having a good time watching it.